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Trump Election Draws Mixed Reactions from RPA Students, Staff

Opinions appear as split as the country itself

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Donald Trump can be known as many things to different people, some negative and others positive.

Whether or not people supported Trump, he’s in office and brings ideas for change and to “make America great again.”

Many people in the country have made up their minds about how they feel about President Trump. Teachers and students at Rodriguez Prep Academy shared their opinions on Trump and his ideas for the future.

Physical Education teacher Frank Magnera said,” You have to give him a chance … I hope he affects America in a positive way…”

Since Trump became president, some trust he can do great things for America or love what he has already done.

Eighth-grader Isabella Zepeda said,”… he can get the government out of debt and decrease the amount of immigrants,” adding that she agreed with Trump’s ideas that he made in his campaign for president.

Several students said they had bad feelings about the new president but did not want to be quoted.

Several students cited his negative comments about undocumented immigrants and fears that he would support harsher immigration laws leading to deportations.

Other students said that President Trump needs to define what it means to make America great again.

Eighth grader Leilani Bowen believes that Donald trump can leave both a negative and positive affect on America.

“I don’t think he’ll be a bad president and people are scared for no reason,” she said. “I feel he can actually restore the American business.”


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Trump Election Draws Mixed Reactions from RPA Students, Staff