Transgenders vs Bathroom Rights

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The definition of transgender is relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth gender. Being a transgender male or female anywhere is hard as it is. But should they be allowed to use the restrooms as the gender they identify as?

Many agree that they should as it would be respectful to them and their orientation. How would men, women and children feel if they were to share a bathroom with a transgender male or female?

Chelsea Enriquez, an 8th grader attending Rodriguez Prep Academy states, “If a trans person came into the bathroom I were in, I would accept them because in my opinion we should not judge another human being. But I would feel uncomfortable”

This is one side of the controversy. Being able to accept one as they are to other is more difficult due to their beliefs. Braulio Soto, also an 8th grader attending Rodriguez Prep Academy opposes by saying “I would feel weird because I wouldn’t want a ‘girl’ in the bathroom I was using”

If and when a trans female went into the women’s bathroom many people would react in a normal way. Many would continue to do what they were doing and just ignore any surroundings. But the opposing side would take it to an extreme.

Star Santos, a student attending RPA states that she would “… act like they’re any other person because they need to be treated like any other person… ”

Transgender people are humans trapped in the wrong body so they choose to be who they are. Many people believe transgender people are a danger to society as many can be dressed as the opposite gender in order to harass others and children. Although this can happen, transgender males and females are not the ones to do this.

Christopher Ordonez a 14 year old attending Rodriguez Prep Academy says he would “…hug them and say ‘ you’re like us'” because he cares a lot about the LGBTQ+ community and finds nothing wrong with them.

As not everyone has this opinion that Ordonez has, many people do respect the LGBTQ+ family, specifically transgender people.

Several students state that they would quietly support a transgender male or female if they were to enter the same bathroom they were to be using. One student, Santos, concluded that she would be cool with them as long as they didn’t try to force her to do anything.

While Soto opposed to this by saying he would “Stay quiet because it is messed up”. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on a variety of topics.

All in all, a variety of people had different opinions on if transgender people should use the restroom of the gender that they identify as. Many people do agree that they should be left as they are, after all they are humans too and should be treated as the humans they are.

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Transgenders vs Bathroom Rights