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There are as many places to travel as there are countries in the world.

Students and staff at Rodriguez Prep Academy like to travel all around the world. Some people have a fear of flying on an airplane, but some people feel that traveling by airplane is relaxing. Students feel that traveling by car is more efficient because you get to see more sights and new parts of the world.

Unlike most people Sophia Tran a sixth grade RPA student was able to go to Vietnam to visit family and friends. She said ” There are not lots of cars in Vietnam because the are for the richer people.” She also stated that” Its not likely for people to have cars in Vietnam.”

Most of the population in Vietnam has motor cycles or bicycles. There is a mountain in Vietnam called Cam Mountain and it has a giant Buddha statue for everyone to to see.

There are so many cool places to travel, some of the places are Europe, Mexico, New York, Las Vegas, and even Spain.  Mrs. Jensen a seventh grade history teacher at RPA says ” Europe is my all time favorite place to travel.”  Mrs. Jensen said she likes to go in the fall because its less crowded, she also likes to go by airplane. Mrs. Jensen added that she likes to go on trips with friends, so they are able to split the cost.

Traveling doesn’t have to be somewhere far, there amazing place nearby such as Disneyland or even Knott’s Berry farm, etc.

Frankie Maestas a seventh grade RPA student likes to go to Las Vegas to hang out with his family ” I also like to go out and eat a lot of  food.”

Lots of people like to travel, so take it from the students and staff at Rodriguez Prep Academy. No matter where people are going they should enjoy themselves and have fun with their family.

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